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Saint Joan se revoluciona en nuestra fiesta (2002).

Updated pictures from visitors(2002).

Noelia´s family visita Makati (2002).

Castelló family nos lleva de crucero (2002).

Drink Team reunion in Madrid (2002).

Sólo puede quedar uno (2002).

Peter Pan visita el Chiringuito del Garraf (2002).

Una noche de frenesí en Amsterdam (2002).

Saint George y la Rosa (2002).

Selina hunting in the Australian jungle (2002).

La family en busca de la mona de Laura (2002)..

Vacaro´s birthday party. Exotic dancer turns 34 (2002).

Unpublished pictures taken at Village (2002).

Noel, Xavi y el Maldo explorando el Garraf (2002).

Celebrating Pepe's 35 anniversary (2002).

Carnival in Sitges (2002).

People from Down Under in Sitges (2002).

The new SAP Generation. mySAPÇ I (2002).

The new SAP Generation. mySAPÇ II (2002).

Wise Kings visit the Bori Family. Nadine & Company in Sitges (1998).

Wendy is back in Sitges. Dinner with the family (1998).

Loverboy and Wendy in Mallorca (1998).

Showing Tossa to Billy Boy. Guests in Makati VII (1998).

My father and friends in La Masía. Celbrating Tirso´s feast day (1998).

Warriors and La Mafia together (1998).

Having fun with Bill in La Costa Brava (1998).

Crazy night in El Petas (1998).

Christmas in Sitges (1998).

Charo visits Barcelona (1998).

Billy goes wild in Sitges (1998).

Animal party at Village (1998).

Marsh at Christmas (1998).

Walking along Charles River (1997).

Trip to Martha´s Vinyard (1997).

Tortilla de patata and sangría for everyone. With Joe O'brien on a Saturday night (1997).

Tirso conquers Canada (1997).

Our house in Watertown. Diego's Birthday (1997).

Nice tour of Harvardsquare. Bill at work (1997).

Nacho and Alberto visit Boston and evening at Border Cafe (1997).

My first job at TSD. Visiting Bentley College (1997).

Mitsu and Diego visit Beachcomber down Cape Cod (1997).

Lunch in the backyard. Lucy visits our mansion (1997).

Maldo family goes to the airport to pick up Lucy (1997).

Jim, Karyn & Bill at the Beachcomber. Lucas visits Boston (1997).

George, Tirso and Diego celebrating Rita's birthday (1997).

Father and son in Bermudas (1997).

Christmas in Spain (1997).

Charo´s family in Nantucket. Day trip to Province Town (1997).

A tourist in New York (1997).

A day in Boston City. Greek party in Watertown (1997).

A love story in Menorca. Joaquin takes us to the harbor (1997).

Maldo's family on vacation (1997).

Our first year at Bentley College. Visiting Bahamas and Orlando(1993).

Wild year in Boston (MA) (1993).

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When I was a little boy my father introduced me to photography. All the B&W pictures shown on this site have been taken by him in 1974 (+ pictures).
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