When I began at The Catalonian International College (Barcelona) in the fall of 1990, I planned to major in finance and become a monster in the stock market. That was prior to my decision to transfer to Bentley College (Boston) in 1992 and take CS101 (Computer Systems). This course made me realize that my calling was to be in IT.

In 1994 I began work at Merrill Lynch as an intern, where I was provided with the opportunity to combine finance and computers. Once my internship was completed I was hired by TSD (The System Distributors) in North Andover and became absorved in the computer field. My job in this company led me to take a masters degree in Management Information Systems.

For the last six years I have been working in the "high-tech world" and I have experienced the foundations of the new economy. Currently I am currently the Marketing Director for IT&C, an e-business company, and I just finished a masters in SAP/R3.